Bright & Sorbet Color Makeup Guide

With the Autumn season beginning, new colours and fresh looks emerge. This is an exciting time for changing up your make-up by investing in new products and experimenting in new colours. Rather than veer towards the traditional colours associated with the Fall, such as browns, burgundy’s and the darker tone colours. Try something fun and colourful.

Bright colours and Indian weddings go together perfectly, but many women avoid bright’s on a regular day. Wearing bright colours may seem scary to many women, but it doesn’t need to be. There are many different products available that would complement a variety of different skin tones. Whether you want to wear bright’s for an occasion or you want to make it wearable for the day, it is a look that is worth trying.

If you want to start wearing bright colours but are wary, start with concentrating on a particular area of your face. Try Nars Multiple Tints (Beverly Hills, Turks & Caicos) they can be applied on cheeks or lips. The tints are sheer yet bright and can become more intense by adding as much as desired.

For the lips, Red lipstick is timeless. There is a red to suit each and every skin tone. But there are also many more bright colours you can wear, such as orange or a hot pink (Dolce & Gabbana Provocative). If lip gloss is more of your preference, YSL and Giorgio Armani lip glosses come in shades that are sheer but bright and look beautiful over lipstick. It is quite common for Asian women to have uneven colour on the lips; this can be corrected with a lip pencil, before applying a lipstick or a lip-gloss.

With eyes, there are many ways to experiment with bright colours. For something quick, apply just eyeliner along the lid. Try colours such as turquoise, electric blue, purple or gold. For a splash of colour, sweep a turquoise across the lid and line with black. For a colourful eye, orange on the lid and purple in the crease make an interesting contrast. This look would work for a fun night out. Finally for a classic and sexy look, try various shades of purple that graduate into each other perfectly. Apply a bright purple on the lid, then a darker purple (this season try Lancome Ombre Magnetique eyeshadow in Metropolitan Plum) into the crease and a black in the outer corner then blend.

Bright colours look beautiful against Asian skin. There are so many products available of different price ranges including Shu Uemura, Mac, Barry M and Sleek. So shop around and have fun with this look.