Creating the Perfect Pout

The key to luscious lips is to keep lips well moisturized so always carry a nourishing and hydrating lip balm with you.

To make your lips more defined, apply a neutral lip liner to the entire lip area both top and bottom as a base.

A strong lipstick colour is perfect to create a kissable pout, so select either reds or strong pinks. My favourite is Cosmetics’ Organic Lipstick in the colour ‘Courage’, which is very hydrating as it only contains natural ingredients.

Apply lipstick to both the top and bottom lips. Then, grab a tissue, place it on your lips, and gently press them together once to blot the excess lipstick away. Next, apply another coat of lipstick to enhance the colour. If you like the illusion of plump lips, use a clear gloss and apply this to just to the centre of the top and bottom lip area

This application technique may take a bit more time than you’re used to, but you’ll notice your lipstick stays on for much longer, which is worth the additional effort.