Skincare Tips for Asian Women

Winter weather combined with central heating can really dry your skin out and make it look…. Well, dull. As well as drinking water, creating a personal beauty routine would be very beneficial for your skin at this time. Here’s top skincare routine tips:

Cleanse and tone the face and neck everyday, to keep skin clean.

Use face scrubs once or twice a week. They work by removing the dead skin that makes our skin look dull. Remember to use a gentle exfoliator on the face.

Invest in face masks – there are many available, but make sure you choose one that is suitable for your skin type, and what you want to achieve. Origins face masks are highly recommended, especially the ‘Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask to Quench Skin’s Thirst’. Apply once or twice a week.

Apply a good moisturizer, again, suitable for your skin type. Dry or dehydrated skin is very common during the Winter months, so we recommend Chanel Hydration range ‘Hydramax +’ the products are for all skin types.

Keep lips moisturized. We recommend Smith’s Rosebud salve, a very versatile product, perfect protection for the lips, and can be used as a balm on its own or mixed with a lipstick. Alternatively use Vaseline, a favourite!

Other important things to remember: Remember to use sunscreen either alone or in a product. The good news is that SPF is now included in many moisturizers and foundations these days.

Now that we’ve tackled our skincare routine, let’s look at how we can enhance it with make-up looks and products ready for Spring. Spring time generally brings to mind lighter colours, pastels and champagne, shimmer and glow always looks beautiful on Asian skin.

Many Asian women stay away from pastels but they are missing a trick. Pastels that have shimmer will reflect beautifully and shoud certainly claim a place in your make up bag. Highly recommended is Ombres Perlees De Chanel Palette, these beautiful iridescent eyeshadows reflect light and have a smooth texture. Alternatively, L’oreal Color Appeal Mono Chrome Shine eyeshadows – use Golden Rose (see lid), then contour with brown lame for real intensity. Apply liner and mascara and finish your look off with a Mac Champale Special Reserve Highlight powder in Rose Ole, then apply a lipgloss.

If you are looking for some colour with a stronger pigment try Lancome Ombre Magnetique in Disco Gold. A cream powder texture looks stunning. Also, new for this season Mac Peacocky collection, Mega Metal shadows in a variety of metallic colours – amazing!

For the cheeks, use either a cream blush or a powder, try Laura Mercier Mineral Illuminating Powder in Candlelight as a highlighter. When it comes to the lips, if you want to keep it natural, wear a light pink gloss. If you want a neutral look, try Mac’s Patisserie lipstick, a perfect nude. If you want a colour that pop’s try Mac’s Gulabi lipstick, a bright fushia pink.