Wearing Glasses with Style

Having to wear glasses everyday just so you can see can often feel like a bit of a drag. The good news is that Amanda from Belts and Bangles has shared with us some top tips for rocking the glasses look.

Many fashion designers have subtly moved into the ‘reading glasses’ market in recent times and thank goodness they have. Up to 10 years ago glasses were relatively boring, but there has been a revolution.

Recently I met someone who doesn’t actually need glasses, but still wears them wear them – they have become a clear fashion statement and be a great way to express some personality.

I believe that you can achieve so many different looks with glasses and more and more celebrities are proving my point well. Check out some of these celebs and the looks they are creating.

Jennifer Aniston’s Geek Chic look

The 42 year old gained her popularity in the 1990’s. She’s known for her classic looks often supported by classic frames.

Katy Perry’s Cat Eye Modern look

Katy is a modern day pop rebel. Se has the confidence and ability to chop her looks around, but she’s probably most famous for her 1950’s pinup girl style. Here she is using glasses well to emphasise her style and personality with bold colors and catchy sparkle frames.

Justin Timberlake’s Metro look

Justin’s style has matured like a fine wine. He’s clearly a creative and intelligent type of fellow and his Metro glasses work wonders in amplifying this.

Katie Couric’s Professional look

As one of America’s most famous journalists, this 54 year old oozes chic and class and her style is incredibly classic with a strong professional aspect. Her glasses add a little youth to her look, whilst exemplifying her as the hugely intelligent lady that she is.

Paris Hilton’s Unnoticeable Look

Talk about subtle, Paris with her human hair extensions shows us that glasses don’t necessarily have to be a statement piece. In fact, her glasses almost seem to blend in with her face and become unnoticeable.