Denim Rompers for Women

Denim rompers for women are the latest trends and buzz this year, as you can look around and see countless examples of celebrities making this the next great thing. Kensie, is one of the most popular brands of the denim romper. Kensie is just one of those pieces/brands that you love to get pieces and mix and match with your wardrobe. Kensies most popular denim romber is a halter at the neck, and crops below the knees with bubbly hems. Without a doubt it is a very comfortable piece, stirring up some controversy in the fashion industry.

For those looking for a cheaper solution than the Kensies found at Free People, Forever 21 is supposed to have denim rompers for women as well. The latest craze of denim rompers supposedly is attributed to Jillian in the Bachelorette. Famous in the date scene, Jillian wears a denim jumper/romper, which looked absolutely stunning. Do keep in mind that these are selling like hotcakes, and at the time of writing they were available at the various stores mentioned. After doing some research it appears that Armani Exchange can be the source for Jillian’s romper.

This is absolutely one of the seasons/years hottest denim trends, Rompers are excellent for a great low-key day look, while a long jumpsuit version can often be attributed to a more elegant night out, add some metallic heels for an even more elegant look. We’ve seen denim rompers for women from the following companies, Charlotte Ronson Denim Romper, Heartloom Lexi Denim Romper, Twelfth St. Strapless Romper, Madewell for Shopbop Biolersuit Romper (our favorite).